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Questo non è solo una guerra di carte. E ' Tempo di Avventura CARD WARS!

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Flooppa il Maiale! Le CARD WARS di Adventure Time sono qui! Divertiti con il gioco tratto dall'episodio "Card Wars" di Adventure Time! Evoca creature, lancia incantesimi e conquista la vittoria a colpi di carte!BATTAGLIA A CARTE SPIEGATE!
Mettiti alla testa di un esercito di impavidi guerrieri, come il Cavaliere di pula, Cagnanzo, l'Errabondo immortale del granturco, per non parlare del Maiale, e cerca di annientare lo schieramento avversario! Sistema le tue torri e lancia i tuoi incantesimi per sferrare attacchi inaspettati!MAZZI PERSONALIZZATI!
Aggiungi nuove carte e adatta il tuo mazzo rispetto a chi ti trovi di fronte. Potenzia creature, incantesimi e torri, oppure fondili tra loro e rendi le tue carte davvero imbattibili.SCONTRI ALL'ULTIMA MOSSA!
Pensi di avere i numeri per il titolo di Tipo Tosto, oppure finirai per dover bere dal boccale della Schiappa? Gioca come Finn, Jake, BIMO, Principessa Gommarosa, Marceline, Principessa Fiamma e tanti altri, mentre avanzi percorrendo la Terra di Ooo!Questo è CARD WARS!********************* Questo gioco è disponibile nelle lingue seguenti: English, French, Italian, Spanish (Latin America), Brazilian Portuguese********************* Informazione importante:
Questa app offre l'opzione per i giocatori adulti di sbloccare o acquistare accessori aggiuntivi in fase di gioco con denaro vero per migliorare la giocabilità. Per disattivare gli acquisti in-app basta intervenire sulle impostazioni del dispositivo. ********************* Termini di utilizzo:
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Commenti su Card Wars - Adventure Time

  •  camronmoore

    camronmoore Dream update I love this game but I think it will be better if we have a friends list and online multiplayer also I want these heroes in the game. Death, the lich, flame king, abracadaniel, lemongrab 2, NECTR, lumpy Jake, lumpy Finn, scientist bubblegum, starchy, and others you can think of. Also the Halloween cards floops should be cheaper like ghost djinis floop should be 2 not 6 Great job

  •  drealeach

    drealeach Great app but... Many times at the start of the round when the opponent is unable to place down any creatures, the game says, "Defend!" but you are unable to do anything. All you can do is look at the board, the cards in your hand have disappeared, and you only have the option to leave the match. If you're online, it even calls you a dweeb for quitting even though that's the only thing you are allowed to do. Please developers, fix this glitch. I sigh in dissapointment every time I waste 8 hearts on a match I can't play, Just wow

  •  joychodognido

    joychodognido It cost me the win In the tournament when my opponent used a card that gives the creature +2 defense for every creature they have in their hand. My opponent had no creatures left and for some reason it killed his own creature then the game didn't continue it just stayed like that bugged out. Marvelous

  •  cslasvegas

    cslasvegas Too many bugs I can't use some spells at the start of the game without the game completely freezing. I would rate 5 but with this and that rigged daily gift I'd say 3 stars is pishing it. Also.if your opponent can't summon a monster their first turn the game will freeze Works perfectly

  •  unitedplanet

    unitedplanet Wtf Love adventure time. Hate this game. Too many issues. And takes them a year to fix them. I went through and got all stars to get gems, came back the next day and all my gems were gone and the map was set up like i didn't even play. I'm done with this crap already Works perfectly

  •  CraraMarced

    CraraMarced BEST GAME EVER!!!! I've always wanted to try this game ever since I saw the adventure time episode, it's amazing that they brought it to being a mobile game. I've already bought the Fionna and Cake adventure and even that's amazing. The animation and graphics are worth the money I spent. I even might keep this game on my phone for a long time. Overall 10/10 would deffinetly recommend! wow lol

  •  carpinteyrordg

    carpinteyrordg Glitching rage This is a super math game but I will be on a huge winning streak on deck wars and it will FREEZE. It happens when someone doesn't play a card and it moves into battle phase. This is so rage inducing and frustrating. When this is fixed there will be a certainty of 5 stars. Great!

  •  RoombsopHab

    RoombsopHab Addictive but needs improvement Most of the times when I start a new battle on quest mode, it always just stops and freezes. But when I go to close it to start a new quest, the hearts that I used are still gone but I didn't even get to do the quest. What gives? Surprisingly

  •  rileagild

    rileagild Won't even open. Bought this for my son after he begged forever cause don't usually buy games @ reg price. He downloaded and it crashes when opened. Not only am I out $4, but I,have a kid with a crushed heart. Please fix. Perfect!

  •  glagmaHig

    glagmaHig Great Controls And animation This game is by far 1 of my favorite games out there it's fun, cool, and addictive. First of all let me start of with the cards, they funny and awesome looking. There are also easy controls nothing special if I were you install (Google opinion rewards)it just asks you questions and u get money! That's how I got the money for this game. Marvelous

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