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Carte e Castelli è una combinazione di carte collezionabili e gioco di strategia! Inizia con la costruzione di un mazzo di carte, poi giocare le tue carte sul campo di battaglia per creare unità completamente controllabili, incantesimi e molto altro ancora! Scegli tra più fazioni per una combinazione unica di carte e abilità da utilizzare in battaglia. Raccogliere le carte per creare più strategie e combo per dominare gli avversari e distruggere il loro castello!


- Gioco di carte da collezione CCG
- Gameplay strategia unica mescolato con carte collezionabili per infinite varietà e gioco tattico profondo!
- Battaglia contro i giocatori di tutto il mondo per dimostrare il tuo rango!
- fazioni multipli con le proprie carte, forza e di debolezza: Vichinghi, crociati, Warlock, pirati e ninja!
- frequenti aggiornamenti dei contenuti! Nuove carte e meccaniche di gioco vengono rilasciati su base regolare.
- modalità Bozza di creare ponti unici agli avversari battaglia nell'arena!
- No pay per vincere! Ottenere tutte le carte attraverso il gioco!

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Commenti su Cards and Castles

  •  maruuculleen

    maruuculleen I say this is a good game! I have many troop ideas for this game. Either way, this is a good game..challenging and fun! Keep up the good work! Brilliant

  •  unawaypew

    unawaypew Best TCG of all time! Although the game is becoming more pay-to-win, there are bugs and not a big player base this TCG rivals games like hearthstone and magic. Unique art style, tons of depth, and its unique chess-like battle system has made this my favorite TCG of all time and I've played all of them. I know you want money, but PLEASE don't ruin this gem. Perfect

  •  Bluepearlsoftware

    Bluepearlsoftware Awesome This game is awesome i love how the chartcers look it is a good thing to do when u have time and don't have anything else to do it awesome this how it made me fell Marvelous

  •  kronchocolatier

    kronchocolatier Cards and Castles This game is interesting and the different factions you mix together for a army of destruction love it XD Omg

  •  shbshnxgdsa

    shbshnxgdsa One of the Best *Edited* I am disappointed in the new update of the legacy cards... I've spent a year getting them with sole hard work and without spending a cent. So, with that being said, I would also like to applaud you guys for being so active. I've noticed that every time you make things unfair, you fix it in a matter of day. Good job on that! This game would be a legend with devs like you. Good

  •  vickyleo

    vickyleo Fun game, frustrating situation. Haven't played in a long time. Probably put over 100 hours into it when I used to play. Figured I'd log back in but most of my card collection has been removed due to game changes. Legendaries that still exist in the game no longer exist in my collection. I received card points just for logging back in but no where near enough to buy my collection back. Not even one legendary I know I had. Great game just annoyed that I'm punished for taking an extended break. Cool

  •  mukesh53

    mukesh53 I'm stuck at the tutorial at the part where you heal your lumberjack. After the person spawns two archers, the enemy doesn't end his turn. love it

  •  averitsis

    averitsis Great game, just a few things will make this game great again. First, its too hard for f2p player to gain epic and legendary cards. Second, can you make a different map for fun? Third, can you debuff those crusaders? Something like give them ability to draw at the end of each turn on a tanking unit so they will be at risk of deck-out? Lastly, can you make option to mute notifications? It rang in my classroom!!! Flawless

  •  h4riy4nto

    h4riy4nto Recent changes The cards that are marked with C will be removed right? If so then make it so the cards when removed will give Card points. Most of my legendaries are marked with C and I was hoping that players who will have most of their cards removed obtain certain rewards. Works great

  •  huayang9

    huayang9 Awsome Game I love it great graphics and also I love how the game allows you to use spells I,i rate a five star love you cards and castles Works perfectly

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