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Free download apk per android. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
inglese cinese traduttore, nciku, tradurre cinese da foto, pleco, mdbg, il traduttore di google, caratteri cinesi
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Commenti su Chinese English Translator App

  •  edwardraymon419

    edwardraymon419 Very good Very good but only problem is the zip offlin dictionary. It can easily corrupted.. Perfect!

  •  edwctwnj

    edwctwnj Needs Google to work Google is difficult to access in China, so using Google translate as the base is not ideal. Download the offline dictionary or save lots of favourites for offline use before you get here, or hope for a good hotel. I got lucky after a week in my 3rd hotel Just wow

  •  ndpzzbqwyc

    ndpzzbqwyc Works great Traveling to china soon with chinese native friends. Tried this on them. It worked perfect. . With any language the way we put our sentences together are different. If you have trouble. Try a different approach by rewording your sentence Fabulous!

  •  bnzlgdzezgc

    bnzlgdzezgc Very good Easy to use, can hear the translated word or sentence spoken, then can place translation into text message. Voice recognition is very good. Superb!

  •  doctorelectric

    doctorelectric wow,this app helped me alot wow,this app is a good app it translates everything,I loved this app because it helped me translate the words I don't know...

  •  tricommarketing

    tricommarketing Greaaatttt I visited china last week.. translator really solved each and every problem. It can translate technical words accurately

  •  MyBKConcierge

    MyBKConcierge Great app Have only used the text translate function which seems to work well - has helped me book train tickets etc with a lot less pain. Just wish it woked faster with my very poor connection via chinese sim card

  •  louisvijay123

    louisvijay123 Great job One of the better ones gives you the word of the day. Plus it gives you the word in Chinese character and in English letters so makes it easier to learn to say.

  •  alfredoramse37

    alfredoramse37 Useless without Internet It doesn't do offline translations, just offers to use a dictionary where you can search words. Cool

  •  apexjobs

    apexjobs Amazing App for Chinese Learning It can translate from English to chinese and vice versa. Normal stuff. However, it can also listen to you speak and tell you how to write it in chinese. Absolutely amazing for bananas who speaks chinese but do not know how to them like me!

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