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Unisciti a milioni di giocatori in tutto il mondo! Costruisci il tuo villaggio, fai crescere il clan e combatti in epiche guerre tra clan!

Barbari baffuti, stregoni piromani e altre truppe incredibili ti aspettano!

Nuove funzionalità:
• Raggiungi la base del costruttore e scopri nuovi personaggi ed edifici in un mondo misterioso mai visto prima.
• Combatti utilizzando nuove truppe, tra cui il barbaro furioso, l'arciere furtivo, il gigante pugile, il bombarolo, il cannone a rotelle, e un nuovo eroe: la macchina da guerra.
• Sfida altri giocatori nella modalità scontro a due.

Funzionalità classiche:
• Unisciti a un clan con altri giocatori o fondane uno e invita i tuoi amici.
• Combatti in squadra nelle guerre tra clan contro giocatori di tutto il mondo.
• Difendi il villaggio schierando cannoni, bombe, trappole, mortai e mura.
• Affronta il re dei goblin in un'epica campagna attraverso tutto il regno.
• Pianifica strategie incredibili, con innumerevoli combinazioni di incantesimi, truppe ed eroi!
• Sfide amichevoli, guerre amichevoli ed eventi speciali.
• Addestra truppe uniche con vari livelli di miglioramento.

ATTENZIONE: Clash of Clans è un gioco gratis da scaricare e installare. Tuttavia, alcuni oggetti nel gioco possono essere acquistati anche con denaro reale. Se non vuoi utilizzare questa funzione, disabilita gli acquisti in-app nelle impostazioni del dispositivo. In base alle nostre Condizioni d’Uso e alla Normativa sulla privacy, devi avere almeno 13 anni per poter scaricare o giocare a Clash of Clans.

È necessaria una connessione a Internet.

Assistenza: serve aiuto, capo? Visita o o contattaci nel gioco selezionando Guida e assistenza nelle impostazioni di gioco.

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Commenti su Clash of Clans

  •  helios

    helios Best Game Ever I love Clash of Clans. Best game ever. My only complaint Is I wish that there were clan tournments like clan wars but in tournments with other clans. Also I wish the price of walls was lower. It would be cool if you visited someones base it tells you if they are on or not. And I wish that every 24 hours you could spin a wheel that you can get like loot, trophies, or gems.THX supercell best game ever. Omg

  •  oceanhealth

    oceanhealth Awesome game! So addictive, my whole family plays it, even my mum!... And it just gets better with every update. Occasional minor bugs as expected, but they are fixed properly and in a good timeframe. New features are well thought out and not rushed, and always worth the wait. It's obvious that the development team spend a lot of time and effort getting things right. Tiny bug in new update: sometimes the troop training overview screen shows the normal overall ETA instead of the reduced time when things are boosted. Must have

  •  raisa26_02

    raisa26_02 THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER CREATED IN HISTORY!!!!! In my opinion everybody should have this app, every body in the WORLD!!!!!!This app let's me be me. I do not know what I would do without this app!!! You get to create and protect a village. I love creating the villages mostly because I can express my self through my home base. You can train troops and attack other villages to get gold, but beware other people will attack you too so you have to defend your base. And it is best to be in a clan so they can donate troops and all. Oh and you can actually get to TEXT the people in your clan so you could make a new friend. Sorry this is so long this is just the best game in HISTORY!!!!!!!!!! Get it while you can. You WILL NOT regret it. Trust me Just wow

  •  livesofwomen

    livesofwomen FUN GAME I LOVE IT!!!!! hope u guys from SUPERCELL read this cause its really fun!!!! But i have some suggestions. Ive had the game for 1 month and im maxed th5 going on th6 but wen i raid i only get th6 or th7 to raid very hard since i only have lvl2 and lvl3 troops. Also IK u guys confirm that this will never get in the game but add a gem collector and it produces only 25 gems a day that will make the game funner and cooler. My last is the builder hut they should all cost 500 gems too get. Thanx hope u read this Worth it!

  •  ashiqsafin

    ashiqsafin COC is the best. Hello Supercel. Though undoubtedly its an fantabulous game. But I hv a request to you dt plz introduce a feature via which we can make our village invisible. So when there is exam or player will b get busy for long time so we can enable this feature. So we can get back the village as we left it at the last time. I m a job oriented person so i cant play regularly. It wud be great if u people introduce this feature. I hope you will think about it. Thanks Cool

  •  firste

    firste The best game ever. Hope u guys read and implement my suggestions. The game is awesome. . This game is better than da2, mc5, dc,etc. This is becoming very popular these days. If we get an onscreen text who donated what when we open the game it would be cool. It helps to thank the one who gave troops to us. I am a huge donator and i think there must be leader board like thing for every clan to show donations and there must be prizes to the first best donator. This encourages donations. The donations in war reinforcements must be added in the donations too. I Good

  •  fuqiong0526

    fuqiong0526 Hi Supercell I've been playing this game ever since it came out. Sean Arbeiter is my brother he rated it so I decided to. This game is really fun I play 24/7. and thanks Supercell for making a game that's ADDICTING. But the only thing I would like u to do is for people to donate gems, gold and Elixir so everyone will be able to upgrade something more often or build. Awesome

  •  kreilly

    kreilly Game is superb But Need more improvements I like this game. Its really amazing game . If you play from Town hall 2 you will knew it better. But when you reached Town hall8+ yo have to pay more golds and elixir for upgrade any of the things. I Would like to request supercell that please reduce the Walls upgrade gold amount for town hall 8+ and above Superb!

  •  Itackatty

    Itackatty ADDICTIVE, BEST STRATEGY GAME, GOOD GRAPHICS. Awesome gameplay Fun, straight forward, reminds me of Warcraft II. Yeah Warcraft 2, back in 1995. Its somewhat light hearted but this resource collection game is a dying breed of games, so I love seeing this game create a niche that has been going to the back burner to the Ever quest type turn based games such as monthly pay games as world of Warcraft. I really enjoy so far, I know anyone would love this game. Not too serious, and a bit whimsical. Fun stands for ClOfCl. The game doesn't seem broken or uneven except th Omg

  •  fbukmacherskie

    fbukmacherskie Fun game Some changes that would be helpful. 1) If leader bails on decent size clan have the option to change clan name for half the cost. 2) Walls are way too much, please make them cheaper. 3) A lot of things cost a lot to upgrade, make it easier to get coins, elixir or DE and please lessen the upgrade times. Sitting around and waiting is no fun. 4) Try Making Some New troops and Objects for TH7&TH8 since everything is based On higher TH levels. ThanKS!! Good

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