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Entra nell'arena! I creatori di Clash of Clans presentano un gioco multigiocatore in tempo reale con i Royale, i personaggi più amati di Clash e molto altro ancora.

Colleziona e migliora decine di carte con le truppe, gli incantesimi e le difese che hai imparato ad amare in Clash of Clans, nonché con i Royale: principi, cavalieri, cuccioli di drago e altro. Butta giù dalle torri re e principesse nemici per sconfiggere gli avversari e vincere trofei, corone e gloria nell'arena. Crea un clan per condividere le carte e formare la tua personale community di combattenti.

Porta alla vittoria la famiglia di Clash Royale!

ATTENZIONE! Clash Royale è un gioco gratuito. Tuttavia, è anche possibile acquistare alcuni oggetti di gioco con denaro reale. Se non vuoi usare questa funzionalità, configura la password di protezione nelle impostazioni dell'app Google Play Store. Inoltre, in base ai nostri termini di servizio e all'informativa sulla privacy, è necessario avere almeno 13 anni per poter scaricare o giocare a Clash Royale.

È richiesta anche una connessione di rete.

● Sfida giocatori di tutto il mondo a duelli in tempo reale e prendi i loro trofei
● Ottieni bauli per sbloccare ricompense, colleziona nuove e potenti carte, e migliora quelle che hai già
● Distruggi le torri degli avversari e vinci corone per ottenere epici bauli della corona
● Crea e migliora la tua collezione di carte con la famiglia di Clash Royale e decine di truppe, incantesimi e difese tra le più amate di Clash
● Realizza il mazzo da battaglia definitivo per sconfiggere gli avversari
● Procedi attraverso numerose arene fino a raggiungere la vetta della classifica
● Crea un clan per condividere le carte e formare la tua personale community di combattenti.
● Sfida amici e membri del clan a duelli privati
● Impara diverse tattiche di battaglia osservando i migliori duelli su TV Royale

Hai dei problemi? Visita o oppure contattaci all'interno del gioco tramite Impostazioni > Guida e assistenza.

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Commenti su Clash Royale

  •  cwodelguds

    cwodelguds Fairly good It is almost impossible to win once u reach arena 7. Please, give me better cards either to unlock or upgrade OR, make it easier to be played so that I don't KEEP ON HAVING LOSE STREAKs please Another suggestion I would love to see is more cards that can be able to put into our decks Brilliant

  •  pratski

    pratski Amazing Supercell made another great game. This game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Download as fast as possible! If you don't download your missing out. Clash Royale is one of the best games I've played!!!! But after playing for 6 months I ask that they fix the match up everyday I battle and get kick out of royal arena and barely clutch coming back. They need to make it easier to stay in your arena rather than using every ounce of skill to TRY to get back in your arena Worth a go!

  •  smiprortgroug

    smiprortgroug Cards need to be more diverse. This is another amazing game from Supercell, with one of the best PvP action I've seen. There's just one thing. The cards you get from the chests don't have much variety. My last couple of giant chests had 200-odd skeletons, and that's kinda frustrating. I mean, now I have over a thousand cards of a troop I don't even use. Chests need to have less numbers of different kinds of cards. That's what would make the game better. It's just an opinion though. Otherwise, a full five star deserving app. Perfect!

  •  klfickas

    klfickas Great game I love it I love this game I'm so addicted to it you guys should make an update were we can open all are chest at the same time instead 1 by 1 and create a minion spawner Fantastic

  •  utercorne

    utercorne Chest times need lowered Part deck builder, part tower defense, lots of fun. Except for one major issue.. Chests that hold cards take way too long. Starter chests are 15 seconds and then go to 3 hours! Plus, you can only have 4 at a time. Either drastically reduce chest times or make them MUCH cheaper to open with gems. As is, it's a cleverly disguised money sink. Scale the chests better and I'll happily give it 5 stars. Works perfectly

  •  sTekincockido

    sTekincockido This is one of the most addicting games I've ever played. Fun, well-balanced (for the most part) and very active if you find a good clan. My only complaint is the tournament mode... The setup cost is astronomical (gem-wise) and they fill up too quickly. I'd love to get into this aspect of the game, but the opportunities are limited. Cool

  •  MarinaM

    MarinaM Portable Fun for the Whole Family Just started playing, love seeing our favorite troops take to the field. In a fun twist on the classic SuperCell franchise. Only complaint would be not enough storage for Chest. Need a way to delete lower valued chest to make room for quality chest. Maybe allow for multiple chest openings at once. Great Game! Keep up the amazing work. Surprisingly

  •  hpnetser

    hpnetser So dang fun This game is just so dang fun. Just awesome my only complaint is how rare legendary cards are. It's not leveling them up that's the issue it getting even one. And in your next update says your going to make them more common I hope to god that does not mean it goes from .0002 to 0.0003 I hope it's like at the very least 0.025 Cool

  •  philamp

    philamp Good but cashgrab Game is fun and all but it's based on cash strongly. You can open only one chest at a time and you have only four spaces for chests so you either battle and lose chests after 4th one or buy gems and instunlock them or battle every few hours after your chest is opened. Would be awesome game if we could open all chests at the same time or had more space for chests. Superb!


    BENEDICTUS Amazing game, already got ice wizard, honestly this game is truly amazing. The graphics, gameplay, cards, everything in general. Just one thing, you really need to update the match up. What I mean by 'match-up' is that ever time you face higher levels, it makes winning harder. For an example: Recently I lost against a level ten that had a miner level three, level three!!! I'd appreciate if you did make match making more fair to those who have less experience and a lower level. Go well

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