Clean Master (Boost & AppLock)

Scaricare Clean Master (Boost & AppLock) è Android


Mantenere il vostro telefono PULITO! Pulire i file spazzatura e cache. Boost telefono. Risparmiare batteria!

( 38,962,708 )
Versão: 5.16.4


Clean Master, al 1° posto tra gli strumenti di ottimizzazione Android GRATUITI. Scelto da oltre 740 milioni di utenti per rendere il proprio telefono come nuovo.

Clean Master (Boost e Antivirus) ti aiuta ad eliminare i file spazzatura e le notifiche inutili, a svuotare la cache e a migliorare le prestazioni del telefono liberando spazio RAM! Proteggi la tua privacy e migliora la sicurezza del tuo telefono con la protezione in tempo reale di Clean Master (Boost e Antivirus), supportata dal miglior motore antivirus al mondo.

Funzioni principali di Clean Master (Boost e Antivirus):

Elimina i file residui e i file spazzatura, svuota la cache per liberare memoria. Velocizza il tuo telefono migliorandone le prestazioni. Mantieni il tuo telefono veloce e pulito con Clean Master.
Blocca ed elimina le notifiche inutili. Impedisce alle notifiche indesiderate di occupare la memoria del tuo telefono.
Accelera il tuo telefono liberando memoria RAM e corregge i comportamenti anomali delle app con un solo tocco.
Mantiene il tuo telefono protetto e sicuro, grazie al motore antivirus gratuito di Clean Master (classificato al primo posto secondo l'AV-TEST)! Effettua una scansione del sistema per rilevare app pre-installate e installate dall'utente, così da mantenere il dispositivo al sicuro da virus, trojan, programmi dannosi, adware e spyware. Proteggi la tua privacy con Clean Master.
Raffredda la temperatura del tuo telefono e riduce l'utilizzo della CPU, arrestando le app causanti surriscaldamento. E estende la durata della batteria!
Analizza lo stato della batteria e arresta le app in esecuzione per risparmiare energia ed estendere la durata della batteria con un solo tocco, utilizzando il Risparmia Batteria.

Altre funzioni di ottimizzazione
☆ GESTIONE OTTIMALE DELLA RICARICA - Leggi le ultime notizie e i messaggi delle app durante la ricarica del telefono
☆ BLOCCO DELLE APP- Protegge la tua privacy con un PIN Blocca App o con una sequenza personale
☆ iSWIPE- Accesso rapido ad altri strumenti ed app
☆ OTTIMIZZAZIONE GIOCHI- Gestisce i tuoi giochi e ne riduce il tempo di caricamento
☆ APP MANAGER - Per effettuare il backup e la disinstallazione delle app

Clean Master, l'app di pulizia numero 1 al mondo. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commenti su Clean Master (Boost & AppLock)

  •  dwbionlinetrainings

    dwbionlinetrainings It's ok The app is ok but it has too many advertisements and notifications. Remove these from the app and I'll change my rating to 5*. Cool

  •  okay_doggy

    okay_doggy Like the app for the cleaning and phone temperature functions. But the ads and pop ups seem to be increasing. Also hate the thing that appears on the lock screen when the phone is charging. Just wow

  •  sandeep0001

    sandeep0001 App Mgr Move tab is gone Please bring back the Move tab in App Manager. It disappeared recently and now after apps get updated I have to go through my whole list of apps to see which ones need to be moved to the SD card again. Or better still, find a way to move them to the SD card automatically if that's where they were before the update was installed. Must have

  •  dentimaa

    dentimaa Love it! It's very help for me. It makes cleaning things faster specially if you're not yet accustomed in handling phones like me, still in the process of familiarizing myself with my phone. Marvelous

  •  ballegegegnn

    ballegegegnn Does a great job... Shows status of all storage areas, seems to clean junk well. Clean RAM (VIP on Android), remove & backup apps, Says it works as virus protection also and I love the GameBooster. Brilliant & Free ! I'd recommend to all ! Omg

  •  Moninsado

    Moninsado Download SKRILO App!!!!! Join refferal code:-( & get ₹ 50 Paytm Cash!!!!! Invite plz It's really good application you can discover new applications The app works so good so far. Haven't tried to cash out yet and guess that will be that the real test. Refer me and we both get coins to get more prizes Great app easy to use, making cash is slow but much better than other similar apps that I've tried Worth a go!

  •  ViDACatherine

    ViDACatherine New news notifications are annoying I don't want random notifications of random new articles popping up on my phone, and when I turn off Clean Masters notifications they're just turned back on. 5 star

  •  insiderslab8

    insiderslab8 You Mean You Don't Own This??? This app automatically keeps my phone clean of clutter. And it cycles through all its aspects fast and . clean. Thus, the master of clean. Cools down your phone. Removes clutter. Everyone should be made to own this app. Brilliant

  •  headshopss

    headshopss Awesome! Works as advertised. Seamlessly integrates into your phone without draining battery life or processing power. It actually frees up RAM, cools the cpu, hibernates background apps that are leaching on your phone and boosts performance. I have a galaxy s7 edge which is already fast but with this tool I'm always getting peak performance without sacrificing battery life. love it

  •  mkhaled

    mkhaled Masterful Easy and comprehensive usability. It doesn't confuse and overwhelm you. Does what it's meant to do and more. Even the add placements are almost aesthetically pleasing. Much more so than the gaudy popup one or those hideous banners. I've been using CM products on my android devices for years now and cannot think of one complaint. Heck, my whole family uses these apps! Great work here, guys. You have a forever loyal user with me. Brilliant

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