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Godere di Cross-Stitch pattern sul Tablet senza mettere a repentaglio la punta del dito

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Godetevi facendo schemi a punto croce sul tablet o dispositivo mobile senza infilare un ago o rischiare un dito dritte!

Cross-Stitch World è dotato di oltre un migliaio di modelli belli su cui lavorare, basta selezionare il filo giusto colore e fare clic per inserire punti di sutura - è semplice!

Con una grafica incredibilmente realistica, questo è il più vicino alla realtà è possibile ottenere - vedere un disegno a punto croce prendono vita come si costruisce in su punto per punto!

- Una grande raccolta di bei modelli a punto croce per giocare
- Creare i propri modelli da qualsiasi immagine
- Facile e semplice, giocare con un solo dito
- Nuovi modelli rilasciati su base regolare
- Senza soluzione di continuità collega con il tuo Facebook Punto Croce progresso
- Non ci sono annunci fastidiosi! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commenti su Cross-Stitch World

  •  joimeh

    joimeh Offline play It's a wonderful game! Love that I can play offline, but hate that when I get back online, it automatically restarts the app and puts me back to the last saved spot, or restarts the cross-stitch completely :( If that was fixed, I would give it 4 stars. Amazing!

  •  noha2006

    noha2006 Addictive Game! I love this game and have completed over 80 patterns, I will give 5 stars if you can fix the lag problem and you are a bit more generous with the cash reward when a pattern is finished. Well done!!

  •  exotmre

    exotmre Hoping... Starting over. Assuming problems were from a bad installation. Love the game, I really do! Just wow

  •  zlzrpi

    zlzrpi Requires fixing I used to play everyday but now when I open the app it refused to load up and crashes my whole phone to the point where I have to remove the battery everytime I click on it. Brilliant

  •  mltjwl

    mltjwl Great game but... I was making a fat hamster and I finished it and then it didn't give me my money. It said 100% and had ticks next to every box. Fix this and I'll give you 5 stars. Amazing!

  •  Kleinhans

    Kleinhans Addictive!!! I can't say I enjoy this as much as the "real thing," love it

  •  michaelkorstores

    michaelkorstores Love this app. I would have gave it 5 stars but the app freezes when I'm almost finishes and does let me put stiches in. It's such a relaxing game. Hope you guys get the bugs out Not bad

  •  caininghua

    caininghua Cross stitch App It's fun and addicting. It has a timer and the timer makes you feel like you're being rushed to finish the pattern. Go well

  •  dodoclaitwold

    dodoclaitwold make the individual pictures more accessible. don't bundle them into packages. either get rid of the money system or make it easier to buy stuff without my hard earned cash. i'm not buying anything with real money. can you make it easier to exit the app and make it easier to use on smartphones? can you make it so i don't have to sign in to anything to make my own pictures? Omg

  •  Saikrishna7191

    Saikrishna7191 terrible layout hard to press, layout needs to be review and made more mobile friendly, difficult for small screens Flawless

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