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Questa app utilizzerà il microfono del cellulare per misurare i decibel ambientale (dB) e mostrerà un valore come riferimento. Con questa app, è possibile misurare facilemente il livello di rumore ambientale. Un'operazione semplice e facile da usare.
Un valore alto di decibel potrebbe essere dannoso per la vostra salute mentale e fisica e nuocere all'udito. E' opportuno evitare l'esposizione a rumore ambientale.
Per proteggere la vostra salute e quella della vostra famiglia, rileva adesso il valre decibel adesso! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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  •  vwtkmooeij

    vwtkmooeij PROS and CONS PRO: Accurate results when compared to other apps. Provides a relevant reference for db ranges via pop-up screen. Sound meter and graph on one page. Exit app with back button double tap. CON: no ability to obtain a weighted measurement (the only relevant measurement in human sound. Also the measurement specified by noise laws / building codes) (no app tested has this ability). OVERALL: good Great!

  •  tamsaiah

    tamsaiah Not bad This works fine for lower levels but stops at 90 dbs! I was using it for a while before I realised! Marvelous

  •  sony4u

    sony4u I like it but It only measures to 90db. Is this the device I used it on or a limit in the app? I don't know but that is my only complaint that stops it from getting a 5 star. Go well

  •  pinkmango

    pinkmango Good enough - except for the graph I see people talk about accuracy, but my experience is that for "normal levels" it is fine. But downgraded because the scale on the graph doesn't represent the reading - for my phone, there is a 20db difference. But overall, better than other similar apps. Just waiting for a bug fix. Superb!

  •  fhukmooegk

    fhukmooegk its very basic does ok, job but would be better to be able to go over 90, abd an option of average DB. Recommend

  •  asraful

    asraful Useful I use this to calibrate my home theater system. Works great. Although, not sure why it needs GPS permissions. Seems a bit excessive. Fabulous!

  •  tinakoral

    tinakoral #live-wallpaper Really?! Stop complaining about 90 limit. cell phone mics will only pick up 100 before it distorts. good app. dont listen to uneducated punks

  •  nikharpandey

    nikharpandey #pimp-your-phone Really?! Stop complaining about 90 limit. cell phone mics will only pick up 100 before it distorts. good app. dont listen to uneducated punks

  •  goodugg

    goodugg Ok! Its got a 90db max ambient room db is usually 50db to 60db. App works fine on SGS2S but if you want acurate db readings your better off buying a db meter.. Recommend to download Decibel meter APK.

  •  daviddowns

    daviddowns Excellence! Super graphics and works a treat - I just love this app, the discreet graphics, the function, popup help text is also very useful. Top marks and thanks to the developer for providing this free app. Would be great if there were an ad-free version for a small fee :-)

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