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Diventa un potente Imperatore dei quattro regni in questo pluripremiato MMO di strategia medievale!

Dai prova delle tue abilità in un gioco che unisce il combattimento tattico PvP con la costruzione strategica di un impero e la gestione delle risorse.

Raccogli, produci e commercia risorse per costruire il tuo castello ed espanderlo fino a renderlo una possente fortezza! Recluta un grande esercito per conquistare le terre e difendile dagli attacchi nemici. Forma coalizioni con gli amici per sconfiggere gli avversari e combatti battaglie epiche contro milioni di giocatori in una gigantesca mappa globale interattiva.

Costruisci e personalizza il tuo castello medievale
♚ Fonda potenti coalizioni e schiaccia i nemici in epici combattimenti PvP
♚ Pianifica battaglie strategiche con oltre 50 diverse unità e tante armi
♚ Produci e commercia risorse per costruire oltre 60 diversi edifici
Chatta con gli amici e gioca di strategia in un'enorme community di giocatori che si confrontano in un attivo forum online

Questo gioco di strategia medievale vi trasporterà in un'era in cui il potere era tutto e solo i più forti sopravvivevano. Dimostra di avere la stoffa per diventare il più potente e glorioso lord dei quattro regni!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmpireFourKingdoms
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Commenti su Empire: Four Kingdoms

  •  naveen_gandhi

    naveen_gandhi RICHTIG GUT, aber mit Bug Ich finde dieses Spiel richtig toll, es hat nur zwei negativ Sachen, zum einen ist es das man nur einen Bauarbeiter hat und der zweite richtig uberteuert ist und zum anderen gibt es einen riesenbug weshalb ich das zweite Königreich nicht freischalten kann, habe ein S3mini Not bad

  •  yfdyjgt

    yfdyjgt Foreign lords Foreign lords is very very waste no one good target atleast want 3k defense soldiers in foreign lords give me urgent Must have

  •  RamonVHamilton

    RamonVHamilton I enjoy the game and like the freedom to rearrange my own castle, not have things in set boxes. Been playing for a long time and it is addictive. However, unless you are prepared to spend a lot on rubies, don't ever expect to be a top player or in a top alliance. Awesome

  •  jecicalind

    jecicalind Update ... I updated and can no longer get it to even start loading. I love the game but if this isn't fixed asap, I will no longer play. I spend alot of money on this game for it not to work.... Pretty good

  •  ballegegebb

    ballegegebb Lovee this game!! It has got some little bugs, and the bad thing, you have to buy rubies to pay thing(not that many things but it's okay) reccomend it! Must have

  •  troygene

    troygene I really think that This is a great game, good timekiller, and really enjoyable all around. I've met new friends, and I'm never bored in this game. Works great

  •  Gerardwupree

    Gerardwupree Had drop it a star I've noticed past few months I've spent more time logging or yrying find servers than playing every update gets worst what are y'all doing as I know its game because ive had this cell 2 months now the other cell after update same thing both phones Superb!

  •  Crm8848m

    Crm8848m It still needs some work and it is good i am not addicted to it or i would never see my friends Great!

  •  configcom

    configcom Enjoy the game but tons of bugs As far as the dynamics of the game and the attitudes / mentality of other players, the game is unrivaled amongst all war games I have played thus far. However, there is constant bugs that have and continue to effect gameplay in major ways. The customer service in regards to seeking help or reporting such bugs are all but non existent. Currently I am effected by 3 observed bugs that would total the real life equivalent of $20.00 in the last week. This is a ongoing issue. Perfect!

  •  ayjewelry

    ayjewelry You'll end up with mandatory updates I've never seen any app with such many updates. Once in a month is fine but twice in a week? Will uninstall if I get other update in this week. About game you should be jobless and have to play like mad then only you can survive in the game. Overall its a good one to try if you are bored up and have lot of free time. Just wow

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