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Diventa il Primo Re Supremo nel Gioco dei Re:Il Trono di Sangue, la nuova strategia in tempo reale e gioco MMO del 2016! Prova la tua abilità, portare i vostri guerrieri ,distruggere i nemici e dominare il mondo sul tuo cellulare! Scarica ORA il gioco e gioca GRATIS! ★★Costruisci la tua Città, aggiornare gli edifici e il Livello del tuo Eroe. Vincere attraverso tattiche di combattimento e, alleandosi con i poteri. Godetevi la leadership e la lotta per la vittoria finale! ★★amici o nemici con giocatori da tutto il mondo. Costruisci il tuo Alleanze per sviluppare insieme, combattere i vostri nemici comuni come fratelli!★★Esplorare la mappa del mondo, raccogliere risorse, di cercare e di attaccare i Mostri con i tuoi amici in alleanza. ★★Design della tua città, Accumulare difese per proteggere. Per essere un Unico Signore!il Gioco dei Re - Il Trono di Sangue è completamente libero di giocare, ma alcuni oggetti di gioco possono ancora essere acquistati con soldi reali. Se non si desidera utilizzare questa funzione, si prega di disattivare questa funzione nel tuo dispositivo o l'impostazione di negozio. Per eventuali domande o commenti, si prega di contattarci via e-Mail: [email protected] Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commenti su Game of Kings:The Blood Throne

  •  mistresstavia

    mistresstavia Please read admin I love this game but I have not been able to get past the load screen after the update. Must have

  •  prestigedomestics1

    prestigedomestics1 Nice game but 25% more money needed to spent according to currency exchange rate. Well done!!

  •  JeremyVandiver

    JeremyVandiver Please read Admins. I really like this game. It seems really good and yall are off to a fantastic start. But when will new kingdom be available? The other kingdoms are filled with alliances, I'm sure I'm not only one who wants to play on new kingdom. But all in all awesome game. Please reply. Worth a go!

  •  ronferguson123

    ronferguson123 GOK The Blood Throne Like this game better than COK!!!!! I play both but this one is much much better. Your $$ goes further and the alliance I'm in...first rate!!! KEEP UP THE AWESOME JOB!!!!! 5 star

  •  iboothme

    iboothme Great game Only issue is I have no text bar for my ac chat room or kingdom chat room. Any ideas on that Omg

  •  michellepetiza

    michellepetiza Troops,power glitch Will you guys fix the troops glitch where ppl are getting double troops everytime they attack someone? Plus they get 100+ mil power like everyday.Not fun when I got to grow slow buy others just gain that amount of power.And attack you with 10s of mil troops..... Recommend

  •  edwardmike

    edwardmike Glitch I lost about 40,000 troops during the latest update..hope you guys can fix it and recover my troops..thanks Works perfectly

  •  datsdeecy

    datsdeecy Game of war fan Great game and love how it's set up so far I'm a game of war fan and this game is killer #2 both games will be staying on my app list need better gifts and more gold gifts and lot mor stuff in gifts. Perfect

  •  G5LIVE

    G5LIVE Enjoy the game alot The Developers listen to you which is great always very helpful , quick response. The game itself is great has alot of potential few minor issues here and there but the game is still new . The only critacism I have is the packs have dropped dramatically that's why I give 3☆ .. will change to 5☆ once the packs go back to there original content's Cool

  •  wheedemab

    wheedemab Very Good, but Has Issues I like it a lot thus far, but it does have some annoying glitch issues which never quite seem to get completely fixed. And it has the trouble of CC warriors juicing up and running roughshod over alliances and players, using their bigs to endlessly zero smalls, which is typical of these games. Obviously, the devs don't care as long as they get paid, so spend carefully. It would be nice if a player could only attack those 2-3 city levels below them,but then not as many would pay to rebuild after being zeroed. Great!

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