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Versão: 2.11
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Salta e vola attraverso il pericolo in questa azione platform basato sul ritmo!

Preparati per una sfida quasi impossibile nel mondo della geometria Dash. Spingere le vostre abilità al limite, come si salta, vola e capovolgere il vostro senso attraverso i passaggi pericolosi e gli ostacoli spinosi.

Semplice gioco gioco un tocco che vi terrà intrattenuto per ore!

Scopri la versione completa per nuovi livelli, le colonne sonore, i risultati, editor di livelli online e molto altro ancora!

Caratteristiche del gioco
• Ritmo-based azione platform!
• Sblocca nuove icone e colori per personalizzare il tuo personaggio!
• Fly razzi, la gravità di vibrazione e molto altro ancora!
• Utilizzare la modalità pratica per affinare le vostre abilità!
• Sfida te stesso con la quasi impossibile!

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Commenti su Geometry Dash Lite

  •  dpbzmertadn

    dpbzmertadn Challenging and VERY fun I LOVED IT!!! It passes loads of time and is very challenging - I'm still trying to complete the first 2 levels. But who cares?! Gr8 job Robtop Games!! Cool music! Please try and improve the fact that video Adds just pop up out of nowhere Not bad

  •  onrimage

    onrimage Addicting and Fun! I'll admit, I wasn't always a fan of challenging games like this. However, Geometry Dash has an amazing soundtrack and the effects are also very visually appealing! It's a great and fun time killer as well as addicting, as i find myself playing it whenever possible to kill some time and it works like a charm! I hope to be able to purchase the full version soon, as you guys deserve lots of support for such an amazing work! Perfect

  •  jonty12

    jonty12 Best soundtrack ever! Very fun. Extremely challenging. It's almost like it simultaneously relieves stress with amazing music and adds stress with amazingly difficult levels. In addition, I feel like this game is an excellent way to build new pathways in the brain and make you smarter by improving your hand-eye coordination and forcing you to not rely on patterns too heavily. An outstanding game. Cool

  •  Barquibia

    Barquibia Amazing game! Feedback too The game is so fun and addicting and super well made... And the music is so great~ If only I was better at the game Well done!!

  •  jbdseoexperts

    jbdseoexperts Very addictive This game is very addictive.once you start playing you can't stop,literally. The only downside I have (not about the game though) is that other people are TRYING to come out with better games. News flash not going to happen. They are trying to beat the addiction of geometry dash. I looked it up on the internet. Personly I have all of the kacapp (I don't know how to spell it) games on my phone and I like geometry dash the best. Highly Recommend.

  •  Tree_Records

    Tree_Records Luv it I love it because the characters are rly cute. The only thing I ask is to make more levels for lite. My parents won't let me pay for stuff on my tablet because I don't have any paying money so I NEED MORE LVLS!!!!!!! Also can you add multiplayer? Recommend

  •  champ2a2sinha

    champ2a2sinha Great game I like the game but could u add checkpoints in the real mode? I don't mean like practice I mean like a halfway checkpoint cause it's annoying to have to start at the beginning each time u die. And PS to the people who say " TO MANY ADDS!!!" well SHUT UP!!! I think the creator gets it. Talk bout other things not adds. Brilliant

  •  sam1234

    sam1234 Geometry dash rate I live this game my friend got it before me and I played a couple rounds on her phone then the battery percent went from 80 to 35 Lol anyway this is a super fun game. ( if u could change the game it'll be less adds) Good

  •  terrancetyle511

    terrancetyle511 ❗❗Go Geometry Dash❗❗ I love this app! Everything about it it brilliant! I am now too addicted! I enjoy the fact that you can personalise your own block, but only with the unlocked items, so that pushes you to do more and break your goals. The only downside, is that some of the unlockable items are only available in the full version of Geometry Dash, and that costs money. Anyway, I know that all of the levels are possible as one of my friends has completed every single one of them!☺☺☺ Works great

  •  pamelaboullierross

    pamelaboullierross Awesomeness This game is cool I like it but I do not want to pay money to unlock the full game. This game would get people to play if you didn't make them pay money. If I was going to rate it 1-10 I would rate it 9 because the money part really puts me down. If there is any mis- spelling I am sorry. Awesome

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