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Gmail è un'app facile da utilizzare che ti aiuta a risparmiare tempo e a tenere tutti i tuoi messaggi al sicuro. Ricevi i messaggi all'istante con le notifiche push, leggi e rispondi sia online che offline e trova rapidamente i messaggi che ti servono.
L'app Gmail ti consente di avere:
• Posta in arrivo organizzata - I messaggi promozionali e dei social network vengono distribuiti in categorie in modo che tu possa leggere i messaggi di amici e parenti per primi.
• Meno spam - Gmail blocca lo spam prima che raggiunga la Posta in arrivo, così il tuo account sarà protetto e privo di messaggi inutili.
• 15 GB di spazio di archiviazione gratuito - Non dovrai eliminare messaggi per risparmiare spazio.
• Supporto di più account - Utilizza indirizzi sia Gmail sia non Gmail (, Yahoo Mail o qualsiasi altro indirizzo email IMAP/POP) nella stessa app. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commenti su Gmail

  •  hyderabadrealestate

    hyderabadrealestate Gmail.... Since having S7 random deleted emails reappear as "unread", months later still going on even when I change to delete via server...driving me nuts Amazing!


    KISBAHLAYISH a very good app, but missing some important features. when I move one email to another label it doesnt move it only copies it..but if I do it in a browser then the email is moved ...when I have new emails it doesnt show the number of new messages next to the app icon in an orange circle like other apps. and when I'm sending a big email...I cant find it in the sent emails or outbox or drafts so it disappears until it gets sent Brilliant

  •  bethbuelow71

    bethbuelow71 A Ferrari with spoilers and rockets... and a parachute Overall, it's great. But when I'm in a long conversation of emails, I often spend a while composing a message, and after I send it, I find that the app has saved 9 earlier stages of composing this message as drafts. And then I can't delete these drafts from the view of the whole conversation but I need to go into edit view for each one, where the button for the menu that contains Delete This Message is terribly close to the Send button, so that I've sent a draft I wanted to delete in the past. Superb!

  •  johnleelouis

    johnleelouis It's great! But there are reasons to give 4 stars than 5. So what are they? When I was on iOS, I really like its native mail app that having its custom settings to define the number of lines to be displayed per mail under inbox's list view. Gmail doesn't give that option and that let me view 5-6 emails per screen; I felt this on my older Nexus 5 phone, and now I felt the same over Moto G4 Plus having 5.5 inch screen. I should be able to view at least 10 emails without scrolling. The 2nd feature that's missing from Gmail is Snooze/Remind later option rather starring them. Fantastic

  •  pcqtmdbek

    pcqtmdbek Cool interface Delete/move/read controller won't dynamically update unread msg counters on folder list view. Instead, those counters are updated with folder switch (reload). This is little annoying and inconvenient. Although I don't use MS exchange, I'm pleased to see this app supports it now. Not many FREE apps can connect with MS exchange :) Nice work! Great job

  •  johnshaw358

    johnshaw358 Hello Google Help I cannot report spam for certain large companies like eBates. Google mail stops and also, the Send Report feature doesn't work. That's why I'm trying to contact you here. PS: I just now learned I can mark as Spam from the Trash folder. wow lol

  •  somuray1986

    somuray1986 Only one problem for me Wish all folders/inboxes had a select all option I hate having to select emails individually to delete them. I would like to select all then just unselect the ones I wanna keep and hit delete then voila all but the kept ones deleted. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE thank you Cool

  •  pcgaqyf

    pcgaqyf Good For Office Use. This app is good if your the type to have many e-mails sent to you on the go. G-Mail is good for sending images and sending messages. G-mail can also send mails to other emails such as Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL etc. Gmail should change how much emails can one account contain, Mostly for users who have alot of things a Flash Drive can't have all together. Enjoy it!

  •  aslkfdajsl

    aslkfdajsl New emails Has a slight error with being able to read a new email shortly after receiving it, it takes a couple hours to fully register the email and load it. It will only let me see part of the first sentence in the preview and when I click on it, it's just my initial email with no reply. Recommend

  •  dcimolrfjvm

    dcimolrfjvm Good for Gmail only As this app provides support for other IMAP and POP3 accounts, it doesn't handle them as good. You can't mark spam or do many other things with those email accounts. Very basic desktop email apps used to handle these matters in a better way back in 2003-04. Perfect

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