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Scegliere un dio greco e gioca per conquistare le terre

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A conquistare il mondo di Grepolis! Iniziare byexpanding il tuo villaggio in Grecia Antica. Grepolis è un freestrategy gioco in cui dovrai costruire il tuo impero e sciopero backagainst i tuoi nemici con l'aiuto di giocatori alleati e powerfulalliances.

Ora gli eroi dell'antichità di immissione di Grepolis! Leggendario andpowerful eroi, come Leonida, di Ercole, di Andromeda e Helena,aiutare la vostra città o un esercito con i loro poteri unici andstrengths.

Play l'app gratuita e guidare l'espansione della tua città forwardquickly e facilmente. Utilizzare i poteri degli antichi greci, Zeus,Atena, Poseidone o Ade, e chiamare con il loro helpmythical unità come Pegasus, Medusa, i Ciclopi e il Minotauro.Forge potenti alleanze con migliaia di giocatori reali andfriends.

Preparare per epiche battaglie e di supporto alliance in strugglefor dominazione del mondo di Grepolis.

- il gioco di strategia GRATUITO
- Iniziare con una città e di trasformarlo in un potente impero
- la Battaglia contro giocatori da tutto il mondo e conquistare theircities
- Costruisci il tuo esercito di 27 diversi tipi di unità e portare theminto di guerra in tempo reale
- Scegliere un dio e l'utilizzo di potenti incantesimi
- Reclutare eroi dell'antichità e di distribuirli nell'esercito orcity
- Scambi con altri giocatori
- Ricerca 30 tecnologie utili
- Build 13 diverse costruzioni
- Combattere fianco a fianco con i giocatori reali in alleanze
- Continuare a giocare nel browser del PC a

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  •  070582

    070582 Information [Conquest] You can actually capture another player city, then that city is your. [Battle] Well battle report still just let you know how many your and enemy troop is killed. [Wish list} Move and build city else where when it been capture (Keep building lv the same), if not return all gold have spend on capture city. It is not fair for a player have been buy and spend money then thier city have been capture and money lost for nothing, result they quit playing. More player with play if it have this feature. Great job

  •  EliteMagazines

    EliteMagazines I am loving it I am a huge fan of ancient Greek and it's legends so this game is probably the best game I have ever played Worth a go!

  •  kxiarticle

    kxiarticle Very very very nice game I will rate it 5 stars if you please do something for the constructions..I mean,I never earn enough gold/money in this game so I can't pay for the construction to be completed can you please do something..because I can't wait to long...I love this game..for example..if you add "watch a video to complete this action instantly.." so in that way it will be very easy.. Thanks and please do something. Works great

  •  NavajoWebServices

    NavajoWebServices Why can't I login in my phone with same acc I created ? Great game I start with pc for the game but why my can't I login my account in my phone game ??? keep telling me my password is not good so I even change my password once but keep telling me not good Great!

  •  mrwrite

    mrwrite It's almost perfect The only thing about the app that I can really disagree with is how I'm unable to rename my city's which was one of my favorite functions on the computer, thoroughly enjoyable Not bad

  •  lotusnotespst

    lotusnotespst It's very addicting and competitive I played this game with my friends and took over an island. It's a fun teamwork game and is fun even by yourself. It has a lot of content, and is a game that you can play over a long duration of time. Awesome

  •  zmmergkliemr

    zmmergkliemr Got this to play with my friends, one of which has moved. It's a great game to collaborate with and the basic mechanics and UI were all made relatively well. Highly Recommend.

  •  Endubimmami

    Endubimmami Fun and easy to play It starts off slow, but picks up as your city grows. It would be nice to have more promos for free gold, though. Amazing!

  •  Unrerrels

    Unrerrels Challenging MMO This is a time consuming game requires effort and fortitude to win. It is not free game, non money users are extremely handicapped. The app has come a long way, although constant updates cause many glitches. Much easier to use than previous versions. Primarily a PC game. Should be rated "R" for language and content. Go well

  •  WoodLayne

    WoodLayne Good App, Great MMO The game is great. It affords many different styles of play. App does not have all of the features that playing from a computer affords(cant see live siege reports being the biggest offender) so -1 stars. The app has come a long long way and continues to improve so I'm sure the development team will address such issues eventually. Overall a positive experience. Worth a go!

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