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Commenti su Mobile Fence Parental Control

  •  jollythomes

    jollythomes Still a little buggy Monitoring texts is a hit and miss.Some calls were made during blocked hours. Still a good app with potential.Having issues getting into the app. Great!

  •  zgrhtgh

    zgrhtgh Needs more It needs the update to show what the texts say not just name of who they text.. think it needs to have the availability to see whole text and also to see what sites they go to.. Works perfectly

  •  leighsww

    leighsww Exelent but I love it it can block website but i dont want the restart factory setting if u activate it Awesome

  •  dghaziabad

    dghaziabad 1 major problem You can stop him to format his phone.., another this app is so expensive after trial... We can stop him to use settings but not specified.. Great job

  •  Trundaabnor

    Trundaabnor Still a little buggy Monitoring texts is a hit and miss.Some calls were made during blocked hours. Still a good app with potential. Pretty good

  •  VorsIlluro

    VorsIlluro App is everything I need it to be. Works great! Can monitor my son with no problems. It also allows me to restrict fun apps when he needs to spend more time on school work. Marvelous

  •  spellegrino

    spellegrino First I just started using the app yesterday while my child was at a sleep over and it works great. Off to find out what all the buttons do Recommend

  •  rodrickcompt1127

    rodrickcompt1127 Helping This app is helping keep track of what is going on with my daughter. I wish this app provided ways to see what she is sending on sites like, kik or Snapchat. That's the one downfall. wow lol

  •  Oranciactscak

    Oranciactscak Impressive app, I can peek into my child's safety from anywhere. Limit app usage of the pre-installed useless apps that are not needed & Set time limits on the apps that are favorite with children of today. Plus a big bonus is telephone call safety. Non virtual interaction is important too. Love it. Perfect!

  •  santhu

    santhu Great! Awesome application, appreciate mobile fence working with me due to phone issues prior! Superb!

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