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Versão: 6.62
Tamanho: 716KB


Con questo programma è possibile di migliaia di canzoni e MP3 sulla memory card scarica. Inoltre, si possono facilmente musica su una scheda di memoria con il cambio di nome, classificare, pulizia, ecc. come si condividono e ... gestire. Così come si può da tracce presenti sulla scheda di memoria, Allarme, personale, corretto. Modifiche nella versione 6.62 * corretto il link rotto bug. * si prega di disinstallare e reinstallarlo se la forza di chiudere dopo l'aggiornamento. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Fonctionnalité: This is by far the best music download app out there. the only problem I have is it won't save music to my sd card. works good on my Samsung Galaxy S lll. This app is fast and I can find almost anything. It took me forever to find a really good app.

Par défaut: it says broken links or issues with ur network :. keeps saying broken link and my wifi is full strength. but half the downloads fail and have to be restarted. Can't find alot of the songs i want but got the majority. I can't always download the songs or find all the songs I want. would be 5stars but several of the songs fail to download. on problem is that the download will fail on certain songs. Ringtone editor doesn't work with songs downloaded. but there are way too many failed downloads to warrant another star. It contains all what I want but it always fails to download. Dont just spoil ur hardwork by these annoying ads developers. It doesn't find alot of the songs that I'm looking for. And most song from different countries and cant preview many. And definitely nothing like music junk. Only problem is it constantly scans SD card. Some of the ads take up half of the screen. No being able to preview most songs before downloading. Hate the pop up ads but o well i guess. Fix that and 5 stars for you buddy. Only thing is slow to download and song cannot be previewed.

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Commenti su MP3 Music Download v6

  •  lariilaraa

    lariilaraa I would definitely recommend this to any music lover out there. wow lol

  •  Eressysyday

    Eressysyday i have found the best music downloader I have seen since napster. Worth a go!

  •  raghavdelhi

    raghavdelhi MP3 MUSIC DOWNLOAD is really good to use and has fast downloading. Must have

  •  AquAbeabeJire

    AquAbeabeJire but when I try to make ringtones. Bad

  •  sarah_blanco

    sarah_blanco playing a game etc and it'll open on its own. Fix it please

  •  rs090d368

    rs090d368 #ringtone-editor Fast and Easy to use, what more could you want?! This app is great! Simple interface- not pretty but its all you need- and is very fast. I like the fact that you can search just by typing in the name of the artist or song title and the results cover everything (even unofficial remixes). Very cool app, highly recommended.

  •  Dalian08

    Dalian08 #ringtone-maker Okay for free app! It's pretty good. The selection seems to be kind of limited to only the current/recent hit songs. Also, there is a lot of Asian writing when searching. Other than those things, it's good.

  •  othox79

    othox79 Great but annoying! It's fast and gives good charts for recommendations since ssometimes I don't have time to search for new music. The annoying part is it keeps popping up when im on another app or surfing the internet. Even if I exit it it still comes back.

  •  coreygee

    coreygee Cool!!!! This is a very cool app, I can download so much songs using this. But when I want to see the chart, it only shows till the 10th rank. Hope they will add lots of rank more. Recommend to download MP3 Music Download V6 APK.

  •  patrasatya

    patrasatya #finding-anything Easy to organize! I love this app with my galaxy s3. Its late for me to find out this one. Easy to search for the artist to download songs. One thing - the ad. is pretty much annoyed.

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