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Backflip Studios, Inc.

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Versão: 1.4.61
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Un gioco di puzzle interessante, in stile e il meccanismo di corrispondenza, che vi porterà alla terra magica, i cavalli, le bambine, vale a dire, اکوئستریا vincerà! Con il cavallo bambine. passo nella magica terra اکوئستریا questo. centinaia di puzzle interessante e stimolante, tenta di risolvere e vincere un sacco di premi! Caratteristiche: - Possibilità di sbloccare il cavallo کوچولوهای نازنازی, come la Criniera di Sei, tra cui Twilight Sparkle, Maturo, Fluttershy e Rainbow Dash - Possibilità di sbloccare tutti i tipi di elementi ausiliari - Contiene centinaia di passaggio interessante e stimolante - Possibilità di competere con i tuoi amici e battere il record, sono in questo gioco - Partecipare alla torta di partito, di colore rosa, con il superamento di ciascuna delle fasi di gioco - Facilità di apprendimento di giochi e divertimento essendo Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commenti su My Little Pony: Puzzle Party

  •  nemealirl

    nemealirl Entertainin while on the bus or metro The game does resemble what you have probably seen. A nice adaptation with mlp characters. However don't expect the most complicated puzzles ever. 5 star

  •  Besouccichode

    Besouccichode I was loving this game... But level 92 is bugged. I can clear the entire board but the birds on the left and right will not drop. It could be the latest update that has made it stop working? Thanks for the update. It's working now! Worth a go!

  •  u7csj3ig

    u7csj3ig Great game! Love playing this! Seems to be a glitch at level 102(?) though. Tried using some power ups or whatever you want to call them, but they didn't appear in the game and they're showing as being used :-( Marvelous

  •  wbdkmooelf

    wbdkmooelf You can't put it down! This game is fantastic. The puzzles are hard, animation is top notch, and its just so much fun! Developers deserve a medal for such a great game! Looking forward to all the future updates! Flawless

  •  imranmukati1

    imranmukati1 My little pony Because I love the games sooooooooooooooo much but more than that see you Omg

  •  nancy2013

    nancy2013 Lots of fun Great little time waster if you're on a train, in the car or just want some to kick back with. Recommending to my fellow bronies. Great job

  •  sehiontours

    sehiontours Love the game but can't go any further is that because levels are still being made? some sort of note to explain why can't go any further or level are still being updated. Not bad

  •  aniyasingh

    aniyasingh Fun I've finished level 81, now what? Haha the game seems to of stopped at that. Its a good way to pass time when bored either way. Works great

  •  elnorahartwick

    elnorahartwick Loved it! Very addictive. Finished level 81.. doesn't seem to be any more after it. Disappointed by that, really want more levels. Fabulous!

  •  obtaitoSeenue

    obtaitoSeenue Finished all levels with 3 stars and didn't need to buy any power ups great game Good

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