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Pinterest è un raccoglitore di segnalibri visivi che ti aiuta a scoprire e salvare idee creative. Usa Pinterest per preparare pranzi, organizzare viaggi, ristrutturare casa e molto altro.

Con Pinterest puoi:

• Aggiungere Pin dal tuo browser mobile: salvare contenuti interessanti che trovi sul Web

• Pianificare un progetto: ristrutturazione della casa, riprogettazione di giardini e altre attività fai-da-te

• Trovare idee creative: ricette da provare, articoli da leggere, regali da acquistare e modi creativi per risparmiare

• Iniziare un hobby: arte comica, campeggio, lavoro del legno, tessitura

• Salvare idee di viaggio: avventure all'aria aperta, divertimento con la famiglia, viaggi in auto e altro

• Trovare il tuo stile: moda, decorazione della casa, suggerimenti per la cura della persona e idee per il trucco Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commenti su Pinterest - idee in foto

  •  RineexervielM

    RineexervielM Along came Pinterest Hello my name is Tiadra and I am a Pinterestaholic. So so soooo addicting. I'm going to need to print things off and start binders I have so many pins. I lose sleep over this! Fun stuff and very helpful. Women's google! Brilliant

  •  cmslasers

    cmslasers Pinterest is nice for gathering information. My complaint isn't with the app, it's with all those annoying bulk comment posters looking for followers lol! I used to enjoy reading people's they're all "I like this!" "Dainty!" "Sweet pin!" "Great content!" Blah, I miss real commenters lol. Good app tho! Marvelous

  •  JbmediaForce

    JbmediaForce My go-to for everything Fastastic place for inspirations. Whenever my husband has an idea or a question about our diy projects or recipes, I would say, "Let me consult Pinterest." Perfect

  •  absentesee

    absentesee I was surprised how many things I've found on this app, so many diy pics and ideas to follow. Definitely the app everyone should have on the phone Great job

  •  Spoiniaalep

    Spoiniaalep Love It! I love this sight! It's my favorite place to look for recipes, landscaping idea, health info, home decorating, I can research just about anything I'm looking for. The recipes and nutritional information has probably saved myself and a friend with cancer. I can't describe how much I love this sight! I love, love, love it !!! Thank You Just wow

  •  OptiMarkets

    OptiMarkets Missing icon Everytime Pinterest updates I lose my shortcut icon and have no idea how to get it back either than a reinstall. Getting ready to uninstall forever. Too frustrating! New update on 8/25...still no icon. Great!

  •  larsj2

    larsj2 Brilliant service and app Please allow preloading pins for offline access, and 2 factor authentication across the service. Recommend

  •  YashodaHospitals

    YashodaHospitals Save images feature It just dosen't work sometimes.and it would be great if I could rename the image before saving it on my phone. Thank you Amazing!

  •  TintGuide

    TintGuide OK Love the idea an option option to get inspirational stuff sorted. Dislike the many ads and suggestions of followers and users that always pop up when you pin a page. Maybe good for pads but totally annoying on smaller devices like phones as you keep tapping anywhere you don't want. Great!

  •  Hipliaind

    Hipliaind My super favourite app I love dis app ... I can spend my whole day n night with dis app. From that time I installed this app even never used google . ..Bcoz it answers of every single quiz with photos .. Perfect!

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