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Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu e molti altri Pokémon sono stati scoperti sul pianeta Terra!
Ora hai la possibilità di scoprire e catturare i Pokémon che ti circondano; non perdere tempo, mettiti le scarpe, esci ed esplora il mondo. Entrerai a far parte di una delle tre squadre e ti batterai per il prestigio e la conquista delle palestre insieme al tuo Pokémon.

I Pokémon sono là fuori: devi trovarli. Mentre ti aggiri per il vicinato, il tuo smartphone vibra quando c'è un Pokémon nelle vicinanze. Prendi la mira e lancia una Poké Ball... Stai attento o potrebbe scapparti!

Cerca Pokémon e oggetti in lungo e in largo
Alcuni Pokémon compaiono vicino al loro ambiente nativo; cerca i Pokémon acquatici nei pressi di laghi e oceani. Visita i PokéStop, situati nei pressi di luoghi di interesse come musei, installazioni d'arte, siti storici e monumenti, per fare scorta di Poké Ball e oggetti utili.

Cattura, schiusa, evoluzione e molto altro
A mano a mano che sali di livello, sarai in grado di catturare Pokémon più potenti per completare il tuo Pokédex. Puoi incrementare la tua collezione facendo schiudere le uova di Pokémon in base alle distanze che copri camminando. Aiuta il tuo Pokémon ad evolversi catturando tanti Pokémon dello stesso tipo.

Partecipa a lotte in palestra e difendi la tua palestra
A mano a mano che il tuo Charmander si evolve in un Charmeleon e successivamente in un Charizard, puoi lottare al suo fianco per sconfiggere una palestra e incaricare il tuo Pokémon di difenderla da tutti coloro che cercano di conquistarla.

È ora di muoversi; ti attendono avventure nella vita reale!

Nota: questa app è giocabile gratuitamente ed è ottimizzata per smartphone, non per tablet. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commenti su Pokémon GO

  •  Jean_cf1

    Jean_cf1 Addicting Game!!! So far this game has been amazing. My family plays it all the time, the only problem is that we all want to be on the same teams but have no way to switch teams. Could there be some kind of function that will allow a player to switch teams ie. In store use pokecoins to buy your team switch. Or allow a one time team switch to allow players who started the game before talking to friends on what team to choose. If this is a possibility I think that there will be more happy costumers. Omg

  •  laurentobin

    laurentobin Best pokemon game ever Thank you for developing such an exciting game! It gets more fun as you level up and see rare pokemons. Only thing I wished the developers would do is create more pokestops. There should be built in app where we can request for a pokestop to be created and depending on how many people request that same stop near the same place the developers can choose to create one or not. Flawless

  •  newone1

    newone1 Good but could be better Its a great game, but!! you should include 1v1 battles with nearby people and to trade pokemon with friends somehow.. if just one of those are added it will instantly be 5 stars. Also well done on fixing the glitches... well at least for me Perfect

  •  ocskmooean

    ocskmooean Love it!!! It' s a great game, I always play it when i walk somewhere. But what is the purpose of the speed limit? Niantic shouldn' t look at those things. They should fix other problems, like the tracking system. And the apraisal should show exact stats if the pokemons. Not just say that it is good in fighting or defending. Must have

  •  LukeIst103

    LukeIst103 Fun, difficult, and rewarding. It's not the exact same Pokemon formula game we are all used to, and I sincerely appreciate that. Pokemon Go urges us to explore places and travel to new areas to collect these awesome creatures. Effort is rewarded. This game is not perfect yet, but it is also not completely finished. With room to grow, Pokemon Go has a definite chance to be one of the best Pokemon games ever. Surprisingly

  •  fktkmooefx

    fktkmooefx New Update I love the appraisal feature in the Aug 23 update. I love this game and can tell that developers are working hard to make this game the best it can be. I think PG is revolutionary in many ways and have written two different articles on this for publications in our area. I'd love to be a beat tester if I could find out who to contact. I also love that this has made my walks fun---even if I'm just hatching eggs. Also, Ive watched our once desolate downtown area spring to life and it amazes me. A+++++ Well done!!

  •  mitasys

    mitasys Isnt bad at all The only real complaint i have is the cp caps... If you could choose which pokemon you wanted to be your battlers it would increase individuality of the game... As it is, Everyone keeps wanting same pokemon and it is just a cp level battle with all the same pokemon...kinda lame. A trainer should be able to choose who he or she wants to be their main pokemon. Would be wayyyy better. 5 star

  •  FaeBae

    FaeBae Greatest game ever for mobile devices Have been a pokefan since day one. What a great way to show its fans thank you. The only thing that needs improvement is more stops, my town has all them on the main street not much though town. But thats minor. Everyone should try this game even if u dont know what a pokemon is you will still love it. Brilliant

  •  uhdzpxjfz

    uhdzpxjfz A brilliant game concept, but room for improvement. I love the innovative concept of this game! It's major con is the battery drain. So much drain! Also, it would be fun to be able to battle or play with other players individually, like from a friends list or something. More in rural areas would be nice too. Even some places in town aren't worth playing in because it's too much battery usage compared what you find. Superb!

  •  esouzpujgh

    esouzpujgh One small issue Game is great, many hours of game play put into this and many more to come. I've noticed that when it comes to viewing, and sorting, your pokemon that the option to sort by HP doesn't actually work. I'm sure this is something that can be easily fixed but for now it just makes picking a Pokémon to defend a gym a but difficult, especially if you have lots of high CP pokemon that only vary a little in CP love it

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