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Hai tutto quello che serve per prenderti cura del tuo animale domestico alieno? Nutrilo, puliscilo, gioca con lui e guardarlo crescere, mentre sali di livello e sblocchi sfondi diversi e abiti per personalizzarlo secondo i vostri gusti. Come pensate di personalizzare il vostro Pou?

* Alimentare e prendersi cura di Pou, e vederlo crescere!
* Giocare con lui e raccogliere monete!
* Esperimento con pozioni presso il laboratorio!
* Personalizza l'aspetto di Pou!
* Indossa Abiti nuovi, Cappelli, Parrucche e Occhiali da Sole!
* Personalizza lo Sfondo di ogni stanza!
* Sblocca oggetti speciali!
* Visita e gioca con i tuoi amici!
* Parla con Pou e lo ripeterà!

Prendiamo sempre in considerazione i vostri suggerimenti per migliorare Pou e aggiungere cose nuove! Se avete qualche problema con il gioco, vi preghiamo di inviarci una e-mail e vi aiuteremo! (non possiamo rispondere ai commenti)

http://help.pou.me :)

Grazie a Paolo Di Bello (DBPaolo98) per le traduzioni in Italiano! ^_^ Mostram as palavras do Editor:
per il gioco libero, per wikipedia, gratis, per paul salameh, per il gioco gratis da scaricare, online, per il download, per i trucchi
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Commenti su Pou

  •  nerdtweet

    nerdtweet I love it You need to take care of pou he looks like a poo you can feed him make him get up to level 39 love it

  •  kqgkmtgwlvn

    kqgkmtgwlvn Awesome I played mou on an other device this is also really fun but I'm kinda sad about the connect before you could simply connect the mou's easily and fast but in pou you have to make some of the pou line longer and I'm kinda sad about that though this is really fun Amazing!

  •  cashforcarli1

    cashforcarli1 This game is worth 10,000,000,000 stars Wow this game is AWESOME. I'm sure that this game that you made is great, for all ages. I am about 8 years old andc my brother is 5 years old and we play this game all day. We sometimes don't use the phone for ages so we can get coins when we finally start playing. My only complaint is that the pet is too fast in Beach Volleyball so I can't really win but that doesn't mean that I will take away a star. Whoever thought about making this game is a genius. A real actual GENIUS. wow lol

  •  LOUDOnTheWeb

    LOUDOnTheWeb AMAZING GAME This Game Is My 2nd Favourite Game Just Beaten By Nebulous, Although, This Game Is Awesome And I Recommend This Game For All Age's! Some May Get 1,000,000 Likes Or More Which Is Insane! Just wow

  •  Schoolfield

    Schoolfield Pou This is a fun game for my grankids you can use your imagination and creat anything you want to. It has had loads of new updates it does sometimes shut itself dow. I have been playing this game for around 2 years. I bet you will love it. Superb!

  •  dens5843

    dens5843 I LOVE THIS GAME 1 funny part of pou is that if yo u feed him a lot he get fat i showed my freind this and she fed him like craazy she stop feeding him after about 1 min and she also thoutgh That he would explode Go well

  •  cynthia75

    cynthia75 This game cheers me up... When ever I'm feeling bad or sad or anything I play this game and its really funny. Muito bom!

  •  cyncmia

    cyncmia Very addictive, fun, and funny But the sudoku was impossible because there was no where the 9 could've gone on the sudoku Worth a go!

  •  recomer

    recomer Great This game is great but I found a glitch in the playground in the garden I was shooting the ball i saw a glitch I shot by using too fingers one from above the other from the bottom I shot when pou saved it it went through him and through the goal I tried it several times and it kept happening also if you do it on target it dose not give you a coin or say goal and still go through the goal ( all of this only happens when you shoot using both fingers one from above and the other from bellow at the same time ) Well done!!

  •  tbvaqaqhm

    tbvaqaqhm Best game ever played!!! The best game ever played in my life.I'm been finding a good game for a very long time and i found this app.This app is so good and i love this app! Must have

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