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Versão: 1.3.19
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Allarme rosso!
Alcune forze malvagie vogliono squadrare l’intero pianeta, eliminando ogni rotondità.

Chi salverà il mondo? Ma certo!
Quando è una questione di palle... nessuna è come Red Ball!

Rotola, salta e rimbalza in 75 avvincenti livelli pieni zeppi di avventure.
Supera una serie di trappole davvero insidiose e sconfiggi tutti i cattivi.

Caratteristiche principali:
- Una nuovissima avventura di Red Ball.
- 75 livelli.
- Epiche battaglie con i boss.
- Supporto per Cloud.
- Una fisica davvero realistica.
- Una piacevole colonna sonora.
- Supporto per controller per HID. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commenti su Red Ball 4

  •  TheSpeedTraders1

    TheSpeedTraders1 Good but not like the pc It is really addictive interesting time killer phone and I play it when I am bored. But the touches are really sensitive. After I touch the button to moves zenith's get applied for longer time than the PC version Superb!

  •  qojsthry

    qojsthry Hello Hey, Red ball team you think , you will have succes to make people to see videos or to play game ? Believe me , is better if you open one channel in youtube , there you will win more. :/ I uninstall after 5 min from when i install.. No problem .. Pretty good

  •  elisabethsmith

    elisabethsmith Why can't you watch adds anymore Hey developer I want a watch thing before I had it but where's it gone.I will rate 5 stars if you make the watch thing appear back to the game pls I'm begging pls I hate to wait 100 minutes to get full life I'm addicted but the wait is driving me crazy ok Works great

  •  jawahar4

    jawahar4 It's Pretty Good Loved it but the lives system I dislike, the first 2 times you can watch a video but then you have to wait or you buy premium but you know not many people are gonna do that. love it

  •  jacobmoro

    jacobmoro REALLY HARD Like when I go against the boss the jumping button just stops working and that makes me mad Worth a go!

  •  ModFurWar

    ModFurWar It's really good I can't describe but it's asome. If u have a laptop or computer it works amazing. I have a phone and laptop. I have red ball on both phone and laptop. And it works so well. No glitches. So that's all :) Muito bom!

  •  vxdcqf

    vxdcqf Yess Till around collecting stars and breaking blocks. It's sooo much fun.!! Have always loved red ball. I used to play it only on computer. But when I saw the app. I had to download it. Works perfectly

  •  vzrelpmqvv

    vzrelpmqvv Unable to complete level 57 Hello i want to ask how can i complete lvel 57? I am stuck there since 5 days... Perfect!

  •  punchkickinteractive

    punchkickinteractive Super Ball I love this game sooo much!!! I play it everyday. I wish there were more levels. And I know a trick of how you can get free lives without even watching videos that comes up. Perfect!

  •  moshimonsters

    moshimonsters It's addictive! My 4yr old son and I play it together. He especially likes when Mommy messes up and the ball screams. Omg

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