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Siediti sul trono nei panni di un benevolo (o malevolo) monarca medioevale dell'età moderna e fai scorrere le tue reali dita a destra o sinistra per imporre la tua volontà sul regno. Sopravvivi a quella che sembra un'infinita serie di richieste di consulenti, contadini, alleati e nemici mantenendo l'equilibrio fra le fazioni più influenti del tuo regno. Ma fai attenzione: ogni decisione che prendi potrebbe avere implicazioni e conseguenze spiacevoli e rappresentare un rischio per il tuo trono e la dinastia della tua famiglia!Ogni anno arriva una nuova importante - e apparentemente casuale - richiesta dal tuo imprevedibile regno, mentre dovrai fare tutto il possibile per mantenere l'equilibrio fra la chiesa, la gente, l'esercito e le tue casse. Prudenti decisioni e un'attenta pianificazione ti porteranno a regnare a lungo, ma cause impreviste, eventi a sorpresa e scarsa fortuna possono far cadere anche il più radicato dei monarchi. Rimani a capo del tuo regno per più tempo possibile, crea alleanze, fatti dei nemici e trova nuovi modi per morire mentre la tua dinastia si fa strada negli anni. Alcuni eventi dureranno secoli, con un intrigo che ha a che fare con streghe in fiamme, illuminazione scientifica, perfide mosse politiche e, forse, anche il diavolo in persona. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commenti su Reigns

  •  hmdjhxxessb

    hmdjhxxessb Good game Not sure how much replay it will have after I've beaten it a couple of times, but the base version is worth the $2- $3 bucks. Hope they release new content or story lines eventually, but good game if you like simple strategy or RPGs. Great job

  •  aqsdkrwbevh

    aqsdkrwbevh It is literally the best game on android! This game is a genius piece of art, and a must play! It has a very unique style, and is the first game to feature this kind of gameplay, and the gameplay in this game is just soooo good. I bought it two days ago, and I have already wasted a lot of hours on it. But those wasted hours, where not a waste. I give this game a 10/10. Must have

  •  nishaj1

    nishaj1 Devolver Digital Does it again! No matter what platform or genre Double D always curates great games! Easily worth the cheap price point and Highly recommended. A must buy despot simulator. Omg

  •  Torontocitycab

    Torontocitycab Bargain for a game this fun $2.99 for hours of enjoyment. This is a go to for me during downtime. Randomly generated choices with lasting effects throughout multiple reigns makes this very replayable. Simple UI, and its difficult to put down. 14 Kings and only one made it to old age, and I still want more. Fabulous!

  •  yanzhoupuzhang

    yanzhoupuzhang Great game It starts off kind of slow and kills your battery, but all in all well worth the cash. Reigns is comedic, strategic, and contains more than I personally expected. This particular event caught me off guard- pet the dog when it's acting strange. Recommend

  •  jackharry993

    jackharry993 The way they got me to rate I rarely rate positivly but the way they asked me to rate put a smile on my face. Very good game, fun to play. If you have a lot of downtime at work, its the game for you. Perfect

  •  rohitrSSA

    rohitrSSA Great game Shame about over heating and battery drain on one plus two, I love it but this is the only app I have that does this, so if any way to fix this just say Awesome

  •  lokyace

    lokyace Angry boar of a game Reigns is a single player card game where you rule a kingdom as a series of successive kings by swiping left, or sometimes right. The UI is polished and intuitive. The art is styled, appropriate, pretty. The gameplay is silly, but never frustrating. A story emerges slowly, keeping the game feeling fresh. Probably the only thing wrong with Reigns is that it is, if anything, underpriced. Recommend

  •  GeorgeWhite

    GeorgeWhite Sometimes when I dayream between my Reign playing sessions, I imagine myself being part of Reign's developer team. But then harsh reality hits me that I'm nothing more than a mere peasant and to ease my bitter pain, I play one more session of Reign. Worth a go!

  •  use4cksa

    use4cksa Very heavy on the battery Great game, but very battery hungry! In 30min of playtime, my phone got very hot and the battery dropped by 35%. Surprising, considering it does not appear to be that graphically complex. Hope it can be fixed in an update! Enjoy it!

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