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Il vostro Ultimo App Fotocamera con 100+ Filtri attivi

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Oltre 350 milioni di utenti in tutto il mondo utilizzano Retrica per scattare selfie con filtri fantastici. Inoltre puoi aggiungere stickers e stamp alle tue foto! Provali!

I nostri nuovi filtri e sticker renderanno le vostre foto ancora più belle ed uniche. Con Retrica le vostre foto saranno ancora più cool!
Condividete le vostre foto migliori con i vostri amici grazie ad i nostri album condivisi: raccontatevi una storia attraverso le foto condivise! Retrica è il miglior modo per condivere le vostre foto.

Immortala e condividi il tuo mondo - Retrica Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commenti su Retrica - Selfie, Adesivi, GIF

  •  educatetheworld999

    educatetheworld999 Needs front flash botton The camera quality is excellent and is very clear but at night or without day light some of the images get dark...I know not all phones have front flash but some phones do like mine so try to add that option overall the app is very nice Go well

  •  tisakson

    tisakson Not working now It was my best camera app. Its getting closed when ever i open it. Please fix it. Not bad

  •  woodhousegroup

    woodhousegroup Camera I am a photographer and Retrica is what I love. I love the filters and how everything is set up. I don't like the quality of the pictures. They come up pixelated. My regular camera doesn't do that. Awesome

  •  vernitarahaim

    vernitarahaim Take too much space I'm really enjoying pictures and how they look, but the pictures are taking a lot of space which is bad since I don't have a lot of space at all. love it

  •  jodeerobicheaux

    jodeerobicheaux Awesome My friend who just recently moved to New York said this is the best photo editor app ever so she convinced me to download it And I did Great job

  •  mttdkfofduu

    mttdkfofduu There is a problem. When i on the flash light on retrica the picture is so good. But when i click to capture photo then the flash gets on and the picture becomes white Cool

  •  Pressagent401

    Pressagent401 Good This is a good app and I really like the filters a thing that I would say that you could on improve on is adding some like sticker filters like on Snapchat and that will make it better but overall as really good app download it Works great

  •  obdsusan

    obdsusan There's a bug in it.. Earlier when I click on back button the photo used to save automatically but now I have click the pic again,then only it save..and some time it didn't ..kindly fix it.. Muito bom!

  •  carolesroepke

    carolesroepke Amazing App This is the only photo editing app which has never been failed to give me amazing photos... Perfect!

  •  Demetriuswacharias

    Demetriuswacharias Brilliant Superb effects in Retrica with a new version, I just Love clicking pics from Retrica Cam Flawless

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