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La vita è più divertente quando si vive ogni momento :) Happy Snapping!

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Commenti su Snapchat

  •  alliancebuss

    alliancebuss It could be better. Other than this, I think the app is pretty freaking Cool. More fun than Instagram. Um, hi there. Yeah, can you guys have it so we can download a certain amount of filters? Like, let's say I download a bunny filter and the bee one, but I see that you guys just came out with a new new one. I could just get rid of one and download the new one. Can you guys make it so that the chats disappear after 24hrs, just like the story pics? Can we have snaps that last a week? Like we pick ten or so snaps that disappear after, like, five days? Can we report snaps? Works perfectly

  •  priii234

    priii234 Some bugs need to be fixed This app is so fun and I just wish it tan a bit smoother. I have noticed a lag on my snaps. The sound doesn't sync with the video. Sound mutes at times too. Some of the filters won't load. Also every time I try to post a memory from my camera roll the app crashes. I have Samsung Galaxy S7 and an iPad and it definitely works better on the iPad. 5 star

  •  azazogirod

    azazogirod For Android: LG G4 users 1. Teribble vid/pic quality(which I'm sure everyone complains about) 2. When back flash is on when taking a pic it remains on even after photo is taken and does not come off until you hit the flash button once more. 3. Videos tend to be glitchy at times yet the sound continues Not bad

  •  nagyjon

    nagyjon Camera Quality needs to be fixed I love the app for the most part however I have a Nexus 5 which has a decent camera and my photos turn out horrible bc of SC algorithm. Updates are cool..more companies are..but at the center SC is a photo and video sharing app so that should be a priority. Omg

  •  Papkin

    Papkin So much raspberry! Before on can truly describe the experience if had with snapchat, first you must get to know me. I was born onba small farm in tunisia. My father was a man of very little stature. He was 3 foot 1 and weighed seven garbanzo beans worth of kettle corn. One day a man came up to my father and ask " you mama like butter?" Highly Recommend.

  •  zizixunyi

    zizixunyi Bugs & Clutter I love Snapchat! But I don't love the bugs and glitches, especially with the camera flash that stays on when it's supposed to go off by itself after the pic is taken. Also, there is too much clutter now on this app. Do we really need the Memories feature? And there are too many magazines in the back. I miss the old Snapchat days. Keep the text msg and video chat part though! :) Fantastic

  •  ladyhawkutah

    ladyhawkutah Filters Don't Work | LG G3 Vigor I can't use the filters at all. The screen for filters don't come up. Also, my keyboard disappears when I'm trying to write captions, or snap other people. It would be really nice if you could fix this! Recommend

  •  thileman07

    thileman07 HORRIBLE. No filters, no effects. Nothing I'm using a Samsung galaxy s4 with android lollipop. None of the filters work on android. The video filters , the snap filters none of them are available on Android after the latest update. Videos don't even record upto 10 full seconds. It decides to stop recording by its own self. The app keeps force closing even before you could post photos to story/send them to your friends. Why don't any of the filters work ! Please fix this ! Cool

  •  Mwilliams

    Mwilliams Always a glitch When will this app just work? Before any video I made was warped, now I can't take videos at all. There's also the differences between the android app and the apple app, but that's present in almost any app! Still disappointing. I do love the app but I wish it were better maintained Flawless

  •  infront

    infront It's been better The app stays running when you close it which it never used to do. The new discovery layout/design is too big & intrusive. When you tap to focus the camera, the app gets extremely slow. After you take a picture & tap to write text, it no longer auto capitalises the first word. love it

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