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Buon divertimento con Ben, il migliore amico di Talking Tom

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Ben è un Professore di chimica in pensione, che è una vita comoda insieme a bere e a leggere il giornale.Per questo motivo le sue fantastiche ricette che siano per lui abbastanza a lungo, e a lungo in giro sessione, la lettura di un giornale terminerà.Dopo che si sono in grado di parlare con lui. ha غلقلک un commento, o anche con lui mediante comunicazione telefonica برقرارکنید.Se avete Ben al laboratorio di sua scelta. lui è un Cane felice.In questo caso, è possibile ازمایشهای chimica, insieme con تکریب due tubi tryout di fare e di reazione.Può chiamare, un record anche preparare per i vostri amici. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
parlando di ben gioco gratis, talking tom
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Commenti su Talking Ben the Dog Free

  •  george89

    george89 IT'S INCREDIBLE! I wish I had a clever dog who can be clever like Ben because my dog is a lazy dog more than Ben i have seen some reviews and I can't believe one person said in the review that it was stupid I can't spell it it's a bit long I can tell you half of it Linna that's all I know it is not stupid it is clever have another try and see for yourself. Great job

  •  gfhmpryp

    gfhmpryp It is to be one of my favourites! This game is a load of fun! Ben is a one of a kind dog although he looks grumpy he is always in the mood experiment in the lab with you! I definitely want to recommend this game! I want to give Outfit7 a pat on the back,you do manage to make us laugh.You NEVER fail to disappoint us! Go well

  •  siketich91

    siketich91 It's fine My little 4 year old said to me that they're were bad words on there like f**k and a*****e Recommend

  •  quotaShoumS4a

    quotaShoumS4a I love this game I played the game, I called Ben, i made him wanted, I'm like, are you going to get of the couch and come to jail. He said no and hung up the phone. Hilarious Works perfectly

  •  elilia

    elilia This is totally fun I am so happy I got this.I just kind of boring so I downloaded this app and it's kinda fun wish I had this and my wish come true thank you wow lol

  •  Phorchefe

    Phorchefe Telephone problem This game needs a record button near Ben's phone because i dont know how to record a conversation with ben on his phone. So please fix that and i will give you 5 star's Well done!!

  •  upseprewprede

    upseprewprede Boring There's not much to do in it.. Its seriously very boring unlike Talking Tom and Talking Angela... I think that Outfit 7 can really improve this app with a few fun stuff to do... Worth a go!

  •  Williamisnht

    Williamisnht Crazy ben Talking Ben is a fun game he drinks beer he talks on the telephone it just really funny and he burps and he like blahh when I answer the phone, you can hit him in the stomach and his eyes pop out to he is a crazy dog Go well

  •  Vusypeanaeree

    Vusypeanaeree LOL Ben is super awesome!!!! I just wish they had mini games like My Talking Tom does so that we could get more of the chemicals in the lab Amazing!

  •  bestwowgoldaum

    bestwowgoldaum It is ok It gets a bit boring after u play for like 5 minutes I thought u clean him and grow him and stuff like talking Tom and talking Angela I have both of them I am deleting this Flawless

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