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Po ' di Talking Ginger ha bisogno del tuo aiuto! Aiutarlo a prepararsi per andare a letto.

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Al piccolo Talking Ginger serve il tuo aiuto! Aiutalo a prepararsi ad andare a letto e divertiti mentre lo fai!

Ginger ti terrà compagnia: potrai parlargli, fargli il solletico e giocare con lui. Potrai anche vedere cosa sta sognando di notte!

Goditi dei fantastici momenti insieme al gattino, registra video dei tuoi momenti più divertenti con lui e condividili online!

Funzioni e caratteristiche:
- Divertiti con Ginger: accarezzalo, stuzzicalo, fagli il solletico e ascolta le sue tenere risate.
- Parla con Ginger: parla al gattino e ripeterà con la sua graziosa vocina.
- Prepara Ginger per andare a letto: lava e asciuga la sua soffice pelliccia, puliscigli i denti e fagli usare il vasino.
- Gioca con Ginger: fai scoppiare bolle di dentifricio, srotola la carta igienica e risolvi puzzle.
- Raccogli immagini per il puzzle: raccogli tutte le immagini dei vivaci sogni di Ginger.
- Lavati i denti con Ginger: lavati i denti in compagnia di Ginger.
- Registra e condividi video: registra dei video di tutte le divertenti cose fatte da Ginger e inviali ai tuoi amici, oppure caricali su Facebook e YouTube.

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Commenti su Talking Ginger

  •  cath6esu

    cath6esu Quiet You guys stop you just talk bad about every thing and guess what if you don't like it maybe other people do and its for little kids to encourage them Worth it!

  •  danilo69

    danilo69 Loved it All you jerks who hate this game you suck the people who made this game might be upset cause you jerks hate the game then shut up they work very hard on the game then you guys dislike it at least they had the guts to make the game if you can't make a game then shut your mouth Marvelous

  •  JamesRoberts1

    JamesRoberts1 Creepy?! Ok if you notice that in the pictures in any of the talking tom games and the angela including this one, their eyes are the same shape and style. Kind of Creepy right? Makes me think something. Jst dont know what love it

  •  sebastiancum110

    sebastiancum110 Hi The information containe I was just the same as for my first visit our home phone is the first one. the other side, I think it was not the case, it has to do with your friends, but it would like the way to the top. this email and password ibis I was just the same as for my first visit our home phone is the first one. the other side, I think it was not the case, it has to do with your friends, but it would like the way to the top. this email and password to something like the way to the top. this email. Awesome

  •  TriStateConnection

    TriStateConnection Man in eyes but.... In youtube I have heard that someone connected to ginger's eyes is spying on you... Look caredully people.... But ginger is still super cute. Worth a go!

  •  beaubodeque

    beaubodeque Cute laughs Can record vdo clips to save & share. Alsodis Cutee Cat, sorry kitten laughing more cutely when its belly is touched Perfect!

  •  clarag

    clarag it's funny when you laugh when he goes to the bathroom when you took those names and then actually push mushrooms in Spanish Not bad

  •  ukbarbour

    ukbarbour Fadwa Saleh Like Fadwa Saleh said, if you do zoom into ginger's eyes, you will see a person looking at you. Maybe reflections? Idk but it is so cute even my MUM likes to play on it! :-) So 4 Omg

  •  ohio1975_777

    ohio1975_777 ♥♥♥!!!SO CUTE!!!♥♥♥ I ♥Ginger he is soooooo cute make my talking Ginger where we can care for him pls??? Surprisingly

  •  racinghumans2011

    racinghumans2011 Awsome A lot of people say it dumb and boarding but it's made of little kids not teen. It helps kids brush their teeth and it's a good time killer. Good

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