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La migliore applicazione per previsioni meteo e il più bel tempo e meteo widget

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Trasparente orologio e meteo è un completo orologio digitale con funzionalità di previsione del meteoL'applicazione è caratterizzata da:- Diversi formati del widget, 2x1, 4x1, 4x2, 4x3 e 5x2
- Diversi temi del widget tra cui scegliere
- Diversi temi delle icone per la previsione del meteo
- Località automatica (da cellulare / WiFi o GPS) o manuale (specificato dall'utente)
- Condizioni meteo per la posizione attuale (condizioni e la temperatura, temperature alte e basse e l'icona del meteo)
- Tempo ed ora mondiale: visualizzare l'ora locale e le informazioni meteo per un qualsiasi numero di luoghi diversi in tutto il mondo
- Temperatura in gradi Centigradi oppure Fahrenheit
- Aggiornamento automatico o manuale del meteo
- Previsioni meteo dettagliate, includendo quanto segue:
- Ora locale e fuso orario (per la località / posizione)
- Orari di alba e tramonto
- Durata della luce diurna
- Condizioni del vento e dell'umidit?
- Condizioni attuali e temperatura, temperatura alta e bassa del giorno
- Previsioni meteo per 4 giorni
- Diversi hotspot del Widget (tutti possono essere impostati dall'utente per poter avviare le applicazioni specifiche)
- molte altre opzioni e caratteristichePrego segnalare eventuali problemi, suggerimenti o richieste via e-mail Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commenti su Trasparente orologio e meteo

  •  mijuel

    mijuel Brilliant! My only wish is that I could make the weather icons a little bigger, other than that it's the best I've found! Pretty good

  •  juliosmith961

    juliosmith961 Great! Love that it finds all the little towns in Australia that most can' do i set it to stay on the whole page permanently?? wow lol

  •  macmedics

    macmedics As accurate as you will find Weather apps are tough, sledding. But this one is quite accurate, and has a lot of settings, graphics are beautiful. This is my weather app for land. I use different ones on the water.. Support the Devs.. wow lol

  •  mauispringboard

    mauispringboard I like that I can choose weather provider I can not figure out how to put sunrise and sunset on widget... everything else is excellent wow lol

  •  Riyonjackson

    Riyonjackson Pro version. Time does not refreshing Developers came back and showed me settings for the Mate 8 that fixed the refresh problem. Well done boys Worth a go!

  •  ofenadas

    ofenadas Fantastic! My only wish is the ability to change the color of the battery icon, make it customizable please. Cool

  •  pleseeasemy

    pleseeasemy Pro version. Time does not refreshing Phone Mate 8. Used the free version worked 100% upgraded to the pro version cause this widget is awesome. However when I unlock the phone with the fingerprint sensor the time does not update or the weather. Good

  •  thegreatestloveofall

    thegreatestloveofall It's finally good on Galaxy S6 Going from HTC One to Sam Galaxy S6 i was extremely disappointed it lacked the clock+weather+calendar widget. After prolonged search I've found this app to fit my tech and aestethical needs. After installing it I quickly found out that the performance of the app was dreadful, it would lag and freeze, but half a year and multiple bug fixes forward it work perfectly. Strong recommendation for the ex-HTC One users! Omg

  •  Dramnerce

    Dramnerce Great app I love it and does what it supposed to do. So far everything works good on my S5 Neo. Kudos to the Dev. wow lol

  •  royalrealtytci

    royalrealtytci Does the lot! Does most of the stuff DashClock and Chronus do, without downloading numerous extensions. Very customisable, good enough to actually pay for. Must have

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