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Z Guerra. Lottare per ciò che si aspetta!

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Assumi il comando del tuo stanco gruppo di battaglia poiché lotti per sopravvivere all’apocalisse. I morti viventi sono ovunque, ma le tue difese sono forti. Trasforma la tua piccola città, ricostruisci la civiltà e diventa un faro di speranza per l’umanità. Sviluppa le tue capacità, addestra le truppe e invia spedizioni per scoprire vecchie tecnologie e risorse che ti aiuteranno a sopravvivere e a diventare il dominatore del nuovo mondo. Fatteli amici o nemici, a te la scelta. Dai creatori di Impero: Roma Sta Nascendo, il più aggiornato gioco di ruolo MMO del genere strategico: Z War.

-Tanti Eroi – scegli un Leader che si adatta al tuo stile di gioco
-Strumenti e capacità di sistema completamente personalizzabili
-Un Unico sistema PvE – è come un gioco a se stante
-Sistema completo di chat: Mondo, Alleanze, Amici e chat di Gruppo
-Modifiche attive che ospiteranno regolari attività ed eventi nel gioco. Partecipa e vinci fantastici premi
-Lingue supportate attualmente: cinese, inglese, francese, giapponese e italiano. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commenti su Z War

  •  punjabijutti

    punjabijutti Good It's a great time killer. The only drawback I feel it has is the lack of troop March's. It is not noticeable when you start off, but when you get really big, it is very troublesome too gather resources too build higher tiers. This can be solved by 1. Increased March's 2. Higher output on resource plots 3. Lower building costs in higher tiers 5. And why don't zombies attack? Fix for 5 star rating Omg

  •  StevenPBurch

    StevenPBurch Not happy I bought a pack to help my game along and never got the purchase but the money came out of my account for it, also could not login to my game on my phone, since I downloaded it on my laptop, so I started another game on my phone and now I can't get on the new one on my laptop...but if I could get the stuff I already purchased I would be a little happier Enjoy it!

  •  Flairbag

    Flairbag Game is too pay to win right now. Remove level 3 gold mines and increase the spawn of level 4-level 6 gold mines. Also the 50% gathering bonus buff isn't working properly. It takes around 8hours to mine level 6 gold. Somehow with 50% bonus it takes 5 hours and not 4 hours? Nice math. Not bad

  •  forestclub

    forestclub So far so good! Four stars as there are some minor bugs and spelling errors etc. Very playable and unlike Empire Z app the zombies are RELEVANT. Suggest this game for a casual player as better paced. Superb!

  •  ibogainetransitions

    ibogainetransitions Loved til you f'd game chat and kill event The game will not respond to what is going on.. Game chat hasn't worked in more than 24 hours during a kill event... So let me guess... KILLING THE GAME IS YOUR EVENT THIS TIME... WTF Flawless

  •  WilliamFigueroa

    WilliamFigueroa Fun, but buggy with the feel of a beta version The developers need to polish up the app by fixing some glitches and spelling errors. Abandoned accounts need to be dealt with. Fun game play if you are part of an active alliance. Brilliant

  •  fredachancy21

    fredachancy21 I LOVE Z-War tHis TimE!! :D UPDATED At LAsT!! ("LOG-IN" Problem!) It's already been fixed. I'm fiNe rigHt Now.. :) Thank you for Paying Attention and Resolving the Issues.. (I've Missed alm0st a Month to UpgrAdE my HQ Level and Resources.. :( ThANks anywAy. Hoping for LeSS Problems in the Near Future.. :) I LOVE Z-War tHis TimE!! :D Recommend

  •  vikask

    vikask This games awesome but it's bs how ppl can spend as much as they want .theres someone my server 46 called annie and has probably spent about a 1000pounds. Plz get there to be a !omit as she has bee. Zeroed from 1.3mil to 700k but in one day times she back up to 2.1mil! Now the highest on server. Plz stop her or put a spending limit on. Thx Great job

  •  matasha

    matasha The game is great and it was working fine, but from past few days it's been force closing and I can't complete my tasks. Fix this issue to get 4 stars. Perfect

  •  ruggcjf

    ruggcjf Z War So far its good but I'll wait until the battling starts to see if it gets unfair. Highly Recommend.

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